Facilities Master Plan

The 2011-2030 Facilities Master Plan and updates (most recently in 2017) capture the university’s vision and Strategic Plan priorities and incorporate physical planning principles that are intended to guide facilities development and campus placemaking at the University of Maryland.

The Facilities Master Plan offers a vision of a campus commensurate with the aspirations and expectations of a world-class research university. It sets forth guidelines for future campus development that are practical, appropriate and inspiring. Up-to-date technology and modern facilities will permit faculty and students to undertake creative work of the highest caliber in all disciplines. The campus itself will be the pride of the State of Maryland with great aesthetic appeal, full of intrinsic learning possibilities.

The campus’ large and beautiful grounds have served us well over the past 150 years. We envision a campus that will inspire future generations to new heights of achievement, continue to attract the best students and faculty, and become an even more welcome destination for the citizens of the State. Our aspiration is to build a green campus that is an oasis in an increasingly urban area, “an academic park in the city,” green in the abundance of plants, trees, and open spaces that are a defining signature of the University of Maryland and green in its commitment to leadership in sustainability practices and environmental stewardship.

The land on which our campus rests is an invaluable resource. The strategies in the 2011-2030 Facilities Master Plan fully embrace our desire to conserve, preserve, develop and restore our land in the best interests of the University community, the citizens of the region, and the State and global environment. The land is also limited in its extent, a finite space, challenged by growing and multiple demands for land use to meet the needs of a thriving research university. The Facilities Master Plan presents a long-range framework for responding to the increased needs of our educational and research missions through targeted and creative development and renovation of facilities.

The Facilities Master Plan maps and spreadsheets serve as primary reference materials for the FMP ad hoc implementation subcommittees, the Facilities Council, Facilities Advisory Committee, Architecture Landscape Review Board, campus leadership, staff, project architectural/engineering teams, public-private partnerships, and as general information about University plans.