Facilities Master Plan Work Groups

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Facilities Master Plan Work Groups meet on a regular basis with the Facilities Master Plan consultant team and Facilities Planning. The Work Groups consist of discipline-specific, campus experts in specialized areas.

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Academic Work Group:

  • Elizabeth Beise, Professor and Senior Vice President for Planning and Programs and Associate Provost
  • Steve Fetter, Associate Provost for Academic Affairs and Interim Dean of the Graduate School
  • William A. Cohen, Professor and Dean for Undergraduate Studies
  • Marcio Oliveira, Assistant Vice President of Academic Technology and Innovation
  • Shannon R. Gundy, Assistant Vice President, Enrollment Management
  • Sharon Anne La Voy, Assistant Vice President, Office of Institute Research, Planning & Assessment
  • Barbara Ann Gill, Associate Vice President for Enrollment Management
  • Jacqueline M. Kautzer, Director, Undergraduate Studies
  • Pamela M. Phillips, Associate Director, Office of Institute Research, Planning & Assessment


Research Work Group:

  • Gregory F. Ball, Vice President Research
  • Denise Clark, Associate Vice President Research
  • Steve D. Dowdy, Director Vice President Research
  • Dennis Joseph Paffrath, Information Spec Vice President Research


Student Affairs Work Group:

  • Warren L. Kelley, Associate Vice President Student Affairs
  • James Christopher McShay, Assistant Vice President, Student Affairs
  • Joshi Chetan, Director Counseling Center
  • Kelley Bishop, Director, University Career Center
  • Andrea Crabb, Director, Department of Residential Facilities
  • Matthew L. Supple, Director, Fraternity and Sorority Life
  • Colleen Wright-Riva, Director, Department of Dining Services
  • Jay P. Gilchrist, Director, University Recreation & Wellness
  • Marsha A. Guenzler-Stevens, Director, Stamp Student Union Administration
  • Spyridon S. Marinopoulos, Director of Student Health, University Health Center
  • Erin Iverson, Director, Student Affairs


Operations, Maintenance and Infrastructure Work Group:

  • Kristy Ann Long, Executive Director, Operations and Maintenance;
  • Susan C. Corry, Director, Engineering and Energy
  • Avninder S. Bhogal, Assistant Director, Combined Heat and Power Plant
  • Robert M. Hermstein, Deputy Director, Operations and Maintenance
  • Christopher Y. Ho, Civil Engineer, Planning and Construction
  • Sally DeLeon, Manager, Environmental Safety, Sustainability, and Risk
  • Craig E. Johnson, Technology consultant, Network and Infrastructure Services
  • John I. Vucci, Associate Director, Operations and Maintenance- HVAC
  • Christopher M. O’Dea, Manager Elec. Services Maintenance, Operations and Maintenance-Facility Maintenance Programs 


Safety, Circulation, Transportation Work Group:

  • John David Allen, Executive Director, Department of Transportation Services- Parking
  • Thomas Worth, Program Manager Spec (DOTS Bicycle Coordinator)
  • Marta Woldu, Assistant Director (DOTS)
  • Armand Scala, Senior Associate Director (DOTS Shuttle UM)
  • Valerie Goubeau, Assistant Director (DOTS Parking)
  • Alan H. Sactor, Assistant Director, Environmental Safety, Sustainability and Risk
  • Philip P. Tou, Assistant Director, DPS
  • Laura E. Dyer, University Police Officer
  • Emily Singer Lucio, Program Director


Environment and Landscape Work Group:

  • Darwin J. Feuerstein, Assistant Director, Site Projects
  • Karen A. Petroff, Assistant Director Arboretum and Landscape Services
  • Richard E. Jones, Arborist, FM-BLM- Arboretum and Landscape Services
  • R. Scott Lupin, Associate Director; Office of Sustainability
  • Dennis R. Nola, Assistant Director, Plant Science and Landscape Architecture
  • Jason Baer, Assistant Director, Environmental Safety, Sustainability and Risk
  • Christopher Y. Ho, Civil Engineer, Planning and Construction


Intercollegiate Athletics Work Group:

  • Colleen L. Sorem, Senior Associate Athletic Director
  • Joshua H. Kaplan, Associate Athletic Director
  • Shawn Michael Flynn, Senior Associate Athletic Director
  • Cheryl K. Harrison, Senior Associate Athletic Director, Chief Development Officer


Student Groups Work Group:

  • Brett Stone, University Creation and Wellness
  • Joshua Winston, President of the Black Students in Public Policy
  • Josie Shaffer, Conferences and Visitor Services
  • Jason Webb, Civil and Environmental Engineering
  • Kislay Parashar, Vice President Student Affairs, Student Body President
  • Nina Jeffries, Sustainability SGA Committee
  • Scott Cronin, Community Support and Outreach
  • Michael Didonato
  • Alisha Desai, SGA Student Groups
  • Annie Rappeport, Graduate Assistant III, SU-Engagement Activities
  • Frances Riley, University Creation and Wellness, Sustainability SGA Committee
  • Ifeoma Eleazu, Diversity and Inclusion SGA Committee
  • Steven Berit, The Office of Student Orientation and Transition
  • Samantha Kline, RL-South Campus L&A, Director of Student Groups
  • Tamara Allard, Graduate Assistant III, SU-Engagement Activities
  • Kelsey Zion Watts, University Creation and Wellness, Diversity and Inclusion SGA Committee