FM Installs Free Menstrual Product Dispensers

Published Date
March 17, 2023

No-Charge Menstrual Product Dispensers Installed by FM

Photo: Installation of DispenserIn response to student requests, Facilities Management’s (FM) Building Services is rolling out the installation of new no-charge menstrual product dispensers in women’s and all-gender restrooms across campus. This project is the culmination of an effort that began in 2021.

FM’s Andrew Espeseth, associate director in Building Services, has been coordinating the effort which involves installing 425 dispensers in 100 buildings over a three-week timeframe. Once installed, Building Services Housekeeping staff will check and restock dispensers during each daily cleaning of the restrooms to ensure that products are always available. 

Through this effort, UMD joins a growing number of colleges and universities across the country in creating greater access to menstrual products and promoting menstrual equity. 

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