Glass Recycling Returns to UMD

Published Date
August 24, 2020
Recycle glass in the new purple dumpters on campus

Glass Recycling has Returned to UMD! 

The University of Maryland, College Park is pleased to announce the launch of a new glass recycling collection program on campus. Last fall, the university’s recycling processor, and many other processors around the country, stopped accepting glass given its “negative market” value — it can cost processors more to recycle than it’s worth as a product. Committed to the university’s sustainability efforts, the Facilities Management Recycling and Waste Management team immediately began researching options to keep campus glass out of the landfill. 

As part of the program’s pilot phase, purple dumpsters are now in place in targeted locations listed below. Effective immediately, campus community members can use these purple receptacles to drop-off empty and clean glass jars and bottles, regardless of color. Glass bottles and jars can be recycled with any metal rings, lids, or paper labels still attached. Only individual glass bottles and jars should go into these dumpsters - no miscellaneous glass items can be accepted.  Additionally, glass should not be contained in plastic bags for recycling.

Current Glass Recycling Drop-off Locations:

  • Parking lot of Mulligans Bar & Grill located at the campus golf course
  • Outside of Maryland Stadium, Gate E
  • Behind Annapolis Hall 

The University of Maryland, College Park is thrilled to announce this new program and partnership with recycling colleagues in Northern Virginia. All glass collected on campus will be sent to Fairfax County, VA, which has established a successful glass recycling process at their county-owned landfill. Glass collected throughout the region is delivered to Fairfax County and turned into sand and stone alternative. These materials can then be used to create sandbags, landscape drainage media, or in road construction.

Click here to watch a NBC news clip that highlights the local glass recycling process. 

A map of all regional glass recycling drop-offs can also be found online.

For more information on the campus recycling program, visit Questions regarding this new recycling program can be sent to the campus Recycling Coordinator, Adrienne Small at