FM Strategic Plan 2021

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Facilities Management Strategic Plan 2021

The development of a new FM strategic plan started with an FM-wide organizational assessment. We reviewed our previous mission, vision and values. Next came a review of our capabilities and performance goals with a focus on how they served the university’s overarching mission. We also asked FM employees, networks, customers and stakeholders about how our work connects to and serves our campus community.

To draft a new strategic plan, we used a collaborative and values-driven process that had participation from all positions, titles and tenures from each unit. This included 10 members of the senior leadership team, 20 members on the Staff Advisory Committee, and 211 staff who contributed by participating in our strategic plan survey. These numbers represent 30% of FM.

To ensure this plan becomes reality, Facilities Management will begin to live our values, engage staff in the implementation of our strategic priorities, take action in ways that support our entire team, and measure and celebrate our success. Each year, we will critically reflect on this plan and make updates, adapt to changing needs and create new goals. Our strategic plan can and will guide us to achieve our vision “to be a collaborative, innovative and inclusive partner that delivers exceptional service to the UMD community.”

Who We Are

  • Overview
  • Our Core Services
  • Our Departments
  • Other Key Services
  • Our Impact
  • Our Senior Team
  • Our Process

Where We Are Going

  • Our Mission, Vision and Values
  • Living the Values
  • Our Strategic Priorities

How We Are Getting There

  • Objectives, Initiatives and Metrics
  • Strategic Priority Overviews
  • Implementing the Strategic Plan
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