Image: Severn Solar Panels

Facilities Management leads and participates in a number of sustainability programs and initiatives in support of its guiding principle “Provide and support a safe, sustainable environment.”  These sustainability efforts are in line with the University’s larger plan to support the Presidents’ Climate Commitment.  FM staff work closely with staff in the Office of Sustainability, Residential Facilities, Resident Life and other campus organizations to accomplish these campus-wide goals.   link

There have been changes made - such as replacing old light fixtures and installing occupancy sensors - and systems built to harvest wind and solar power, for instance, all in a bid to help with energy efficiency and conservation.

In buildings around the campus, several projects have been implemented, including the installation of green roofs, which help reduce the use of raw materials, use recyclable raw materials and save money.

Sustainable cleaning standards and practices involving the use of low-VOC chemicals and high-efficiency vacuum cleaners, among other measures, are used in the cleaning of buildings on campus, and FM’s feverish work in this regard recently led to the university being awarded the prestigious Green Seal (GS-42) certification.

Landscaping activities have been tailored to make use of native species, which increases biodiversity, and to limit pesticide use, just some of the measures FM uses to maintain friendliness to the environment.

From a recycling standpoint, FM’s Recycling and Solid Waste Unit spearheads a number of programs that keep materials out of the landfill and comply with University recycling and waste management targets.