Special Services Product Catalog

Welcome to Special Services

FM Special Services provides services and equipment in support of your special events on campus – anything from providing a few tables and chairs for simple set-up, to providing tables, chairs, trash & recycling cans, tents, sound systems, staging, staffing, and anything else needed for large events.

We also provide special deliveries, and office and laboratory moves on campus. In addition to our in-house crews, we maintain contracts with moving companies equipped to provide specialized moving and storage services including rigging and relocating heavy and sensitive lab equipment.

We offer products that can be used as part of your special event or to be used during your move. This page features photos and descriptions of the products we offer.

For further information, contact:

Gabriel Purviance
Manager, Special Services


Richard J. Roundtree
Supervisor, Event Support


Nelson Riley
Coordinator, Moving Services


Pipe and drape 8' high
Stage platform 4'x6'x24"
Stage platform 4'x6'x12"
Coat rack
Compost Barrel
Trash/recycling barrels
Crow's feet (tall sign post)
Easel, metal
10'x10' pop up tent (red)
Flag set
UMD Seal (standard or presidential)
Podium (without mic or amplification)