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Housekeeping Services

cleaning crew

Cleaning in Academic & Administrative Buildings

FM strives to provide a clean and healthy environment across campus, utilizing quality control assurances, environmentally responsible cleaning equipment/chemicals, and techniques that meet CDC guidelines. UMD Facilities Management maintains Green Seal (GS-42) certification.

Common/Public Areas 

(Classrooms, lecture halls, seminar rooms, teaching labs, study rooms, restrooms, clinics, gymnasiums, locker rooms, elevators, kitchens, entryways, vestibules, lobbies, corridors, stairways)

Tasks Performed: 

  • Trash/recycling removal 
  • Dusting
  • Vacuuming
  • Wet mopping/scrubbing 
  • Cleaning & disinfecting of restrooms, high-touch areas, and common-use surfaces such as podiums, tables, counters, and desks 
  • Maintaining hand sanitizing stations 
  • Supplying disinfectant buckets (wipes) and alcohol wipes in classrooms 

       Frequency: Daily

Annual Projects:

  • Floor cleaning/carpet shampooing
  • Floor stripping and refinishing

       Frequency: Annually

Administrative Areas 

(Offices and conference rooms)

Tasks Performed: 

  • Trash/recycling removal  
  • Dusting  
  • Vacuuming
  • Wet mopping
  • Wiping cleared horizontal surfaces
  • Disinfecting door handles/contact points 

      Frequency: Once weekly

Shampooing and/or scrubbing and floor refinishing services are available upon request (billable service).

Restricted Areas

(Research labs, offices, etc.)

  • Room cleaning
  • Floor cleaning/carpet shampooing

      Frequency: Available on request (possible billable service)

Extra Cleaning Services

Need floors or carpets cleaned, windows washed, or other extra cleanings? FM provides custom cleaning solutions upon request (possible billable service). Please call 301-405-2222 to schedule your free estimate.

Request a Trash/Recycling Bin or Dumpster

Trash and Recycling receptacles are provided by FM's Recycling and Solid Waste Team.

Printable Housekeeping Task Frequencies (PDF)

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