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Special Services

FM Special Services provides everything you need for your events.

They also provide expert assistance for office and laboratory moves. Learn more about moving services.

To get started with your project, begin with a request for services, or reach out by phone or email if you have questions.

Folding Chairs

Chairs, Tables and Tablecloths

You can get all of the basics you need for your event: round and rectangle tables, tablecloths, folding chairs, risers and more.

See available equipment

Small Tent


10โ€™ x 10โ€™ or as large as 60โ€™ wide, Special Services will meet your needs to protect any outdoor event from the weather.

Photo: Microphone

Sound Systems

Special Services stocks simple public address systems or will work with vendors to provide the most elaborate sound system you need.

See available equipment

American & Maryland Flags


Special Services will help you plan every element for a successful event: big things like stages, little things like easels, coat racks, pipe and drapes and trash/recycling barrels - even the UMD seal and United States/Maryland flag sets.

See available equipment

Event Contact Information
2103 Wye Oak Building
4201 Landscape Lane
College Park, MD 20742

Gabriel Purviance, Manager of Special Services
7401 Baltimore Ave

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