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Our Team

Senior Leadership Team

Portrait of Charles R. Reuning

Charles R. Reuning

Associate Vice President and Chief Facilities Officer

Executive Directors

Portrait of Kristy Long

Kristy Long

Executive Director, Operations, Maintenance & Utilities
Portrait of Bill Olen

Bill Olen

Executive Director, Planning & Construction
Portrait of Ken Riebert

Ken Riebert

Executive Director, Facilities Business Operations
Portrait of Bob Pils

Bob Pils

Executive Director, Building & Landscape Maintenance

Directors/Program Directors

Portrait of Glynnis Bowman

Glynnis Bowman

Program Director, Safety & Emergency Management
Portrait of Susan Corry

Susan Corry

Director, Engineering & Energy
Portrait of Gina Federer

Gina Federer

Program Director, Communications
Portrait of Ava-Lisa Macon

Ava-Lisa Macon

Director, FM Human Resources
Portrait of Kris Phillips

Kris Phillips

Director, Facilities Planning
Portrait of Aynsley Toews

Aynsley Toews

Strategic Initiatives & Communications Officer
Portrait of Sean Wynn

Sean Wynn

Director, Logistical Services
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