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Fleet Solutions

Deciding which option is best for you

There are multiple factors to consider when deciding if you should rent from our fleet, purchase a vehicle, or use a privately owned vehicle.

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Personal Vehicle

Rental From Fleet



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You are liable for all damages in the event of an accident.

Fleet Services covers damages in the event of an accident.

Your department is liable for all damages in the event of an accident.


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Use a private vehicle (POV) based on break even in the examples below


Miles Traveled
POV Cost*
Rental Cost**


Miles Traveled
POV Cost*
Rental Cost**

* 58 Cents per mile for private vehicle
** Rental includes the daily rate, mileage

Rent if:

  • Mileage is above break-even.
  • The vehicle will be unused 4-6 days a week.
  • The vehicle will be used seasonally / for a specific purpose.

Example: If you have to travel to a research site once a week, you can rent from Fleet Services when you need to visit the site, preventing a vehicle from sitting unused most of the week.

Purchase if:

  • Regularly use the vehicle throughout the year.
  • You need to carry specialized equipment. 

Example: If you need to travel to a research site several times a week throughout the semester or need a specialized vehicle for research, Fleet Services can help you purchase a vehicle to accommodate your needs. 


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You are limited to using whatever vehicle you own.

Choose whatever kind of vehicle you need and for whatever duration of time.

You are committed to the vehicle for the long term.


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Mileage reimbursement accounts for gas, wear and tear, and any incidents that may occur.

All liability and maintenance costs (and in some cases, fuel) are assumed by the university.

Departments are responsible for the cost of the vehicle, maintenance, insurance, options, and tag & title service.


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Owners are responsible for storing, maintaining, insuring, and ensuring compliance with their own vehicles.

Maintenance and insurance are covered by Fleet Services.

Departments are responsible for maintenance and insurance which could be up to $2,605 for a truck over 3 years.


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The university has no control over the age of the vehicle, mechanical soundness, fuel efficiency, etc.

Our fleet has the latest vehicle models including electric vehicles, ensuring lower emissions and the newest safety features.

Fleet Services can help you find a vehicle to ensure mechanical soundness, fuel efficiency, specialized needs, etc.



It can be challenging to determine what vehicle solution will best fit your needs. Contact Fleet Services at or (301) 405-5482 to consult with us and find the best solution.


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